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30 / October / 2023
Blending Tradition and Innovation in the Heart of Hunter Valley

Featured in season six of Australia ByDesign, Architecture, VAMP by Lisa McGuigan Wines is no ordinary winery. It's an embodiment of a passion for wine, art, and personal expression. From its "Modern Medieval" design to the revolutionary use of Lysaght products, this building is a symphony of innovation and style.

“Today we are here at Vamp by Lisa Mcguigan Wines, a cellar door in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales,” said Dominic Warland, the mind behind its iconic design. Warland, an associate at EJE Architecture in Newcastle, has artfully blended the classic and the modern in this unique project.

What first captures the eye is the bold exterior. Lisa’s unwavering love for all things dark and dramatic is mirrored in the building's façade. The exterior, as Warland explains, is “clad in LYSAGHT WALLCLAD® and CUSTOM ORB® made from COLORBOND® steel in the colour Night Sky®,” exuding a black aesthetic which aligns perfectly with Lisa’s brand image. This choice was not merely aesthetic; it served a functional purpose as well. "We've used a reverse brick finish construction with the LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® on the outside to control a bit of the hot environment from getting into the interiors," Dominic elaborated.

Though a fourth-generation viticulturist, Lisa McGuigan’s approach to her cellar door is anything but traditional. From chain mail wrapped tasting booths to a luxurious stainless steel oyster bar, each element of the building complements her vibrant brand aesthetic. For Warland, his designs had to encapsulate this essence while also being practical.

Addressing the potential thermal challenges of a black building in Pokolbin, where temperatures can soar to 45°C, he said, “I thought ‘How will we make the building more environmentally friendly?’.” Warland's ingenious solution? A reverse brick veneer construction with LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® on the exterior and brick on the interior. This unique approach resulted in an air pocket between the building’s ‘skins’, drastically improving thermal comfort. Dominic praised the product's versatility, “LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® gave us texture and the colour the client wanted, as well as the thermal performance we were striving for.”

It’s not just about thermal performance, though. As Dominic rightly points out, “The LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® is the perfect choice by Lysaght. It's appropriate in heritage context, it's appropriate in modern context. It's appropriate in really out there interesting concepts like this one. It's a versatile material that we're happy to specify.” This sentiment echoes what many architects and designers have come to value about Lysaght products: their adaptability to diverse design contexts.

In its entirety, the VAMP project tells a compelling tale of passion, innovation, and architectural brilliance. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when the right materials meet the right vision. As guests step into VAMP by Lisa McGuigan, they don't just enter a winery. They immerse themselves in the world of a winemaker who’s dared to be different and an architect who’s brought that daring vision to life, all with the reliable mastery of Lysaght.