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The LYSAGHT ZENITH ® Roofing & Walling Installation Manual is a guide to the design and installation of the ZENITH® range of steel roofing and walling manufactured by Lysaght. The ZENITH® range consists of five profiles:

We intend that the manual be used by all trades and professions involved with specifying and applying the ZENITH® range of products.

We refer only to genuine steel roofing and walling manufactured by us and marketed under our brand names. Our recommendations should only be used for our products because they are based on comprehensive testing of our profiles, base metal thicknesses (BMT) and material finishes. More general design in installation with regard to steel cladding may be found in the LYSAGHT® Roofing and Walling Installation Manual. This manual covers a range of topics not covered in this manual.

In general, this book refers to non-cyclonic conditions. Design information for cyclonic areas is in our ZENITH® Cyclonic Area Design Manual. The information in this manual is suitable for use only in areas where a tropical cyclone is unlikely to occur as defined in AS/NZS 1170. 2:2011 Part 2: Structural Actions - Wind Actions.

LYSAGHT ZENITH® Roofing and Walling Design and Installation Manual (Non-Cyclonic)

LYSAGHT ZENITH® Roofing and Walling Design and Installation Manual (Cyclonic)

Lysaght has also produced demonstration videos outlining the steps involved in installing the five ZENITH® profiles on your next project.

Installing LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305®