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01 / November / 2023
Making Informed Choices: How the Right Materials and Partners Shape Your Dream Home

Building a home is often described as one of life's most exhilarating undertakings. From envisioning the final result to witnessing its realisation, every step is filled with decisions that matter. Alisa and Lysandra, the renowned Design Duo, recently shared their invaluable advice on this subject. Their insights come from an exciting journey where they had to make several such decisions, especially regarding the choice of building materials and professionals.

The Importance of the Right Tradesman

"One thing that we know is important to get right, is getting the right tradesman for the job," Alisa begins. When constructing or renovating, the individual expertise of those you employ directly affects the outcome. It's not just about the hands that build; it's about the mind that plans, the eye that inspects, and the passion that drives. Thus, the Design Duo stresses the importance of researching and getting multiple quotes. "And don’t shy away from asking questions," Lysandra quickly adds.

Know Where Your Materials Come From

The quality of materials used in a project plays a significant role in its success. "In particular, where is your builder or installer sourcing the materials?" Lysandra ponders. It's crucial, as a homeowner, to be involved in these decisions. Understand the origin, the quality, and the compliance of these materials.

The Design Duo's experience with Lysaght stands as a testament to this. "For the Design Duo: Twin Off series, we really valued Lysaght’s expertise and knowledge in helping us select the products that were right for our environment and also took our design into consideration," Alisa shares.

Assurance in Quality

One cannot emphasise enough the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're using top-notch materials. "Knowing LYSAGHT® products are Australian-made, NCC compliant, and come with extensive warranties, gives us peace of mind knowing that they will stand the test of time," Lysandra affirms. These aren’t just empty words; they're a reflection of a genuine, positive experience the duo had with Lysaght throughout their project.

Dare to Make a Statement

Building or renovating a home is an expression of the owner's personality. Alisa and Lysandra urge homeowners to embrace that. "Don’t be scared to make a statement," they advise. Whether it's a unique roofing profile or an unconventional design element, the goal is to create a space that resonates. "Remember to be bold because nobody likes a boring home," Lysandra concludes with a smile.


Building a home can be daunting, but with the right guidance and building materials, it transforms into an exciting journey of creation. The insights from the Design Duo remind us of the pivotal role materials play in the construction process and the significance of informed decision-making. Their experience with Lysaght underscores the importance of quality, compliance, and design-savvy expertise in achieving outstanding results.