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LYSAGHT® Fences and Gates are made from COLORBOND® pre-painted steel. This means that you have bought a strong, long-lasting product. Here are some important tips for you to follow to ensure you get the best out of your investment.

  • Immediately after your fence and gate are installed, check that there are no metal chips or filings remaining on the paintwork. You can remove them by hosing and gently wiping with a soft cloth.
  • Check that your fence posts have been set in concrete, not directly into the earth

The pre-painted finish on your fence made from COLORBOND® steel has a good resistance to accidental spilling of common solvents; however you should always wash it down with fresh water if there is an accident. Remember:

  • If your fence gets splashed with pool water, always hose it down before the pool water dries. BlueScope does not warrant against harmful chemicals, and this includes water for swimming pools, which is corrosive.
  • Other materials you should keep off your fence include lead, copper, monel metal, bare steel, stainless steel, timber and concrete
  • Minor scratches in your paintwork won’t affect the performance of your fence. Don’t touch-up minor damage with paint because colours are unlikely to match over time
  • Do not use your fence as a retaining wall as it is not designed for this purpose

LYSAGHT® 10 Year Fencing Warranty PDF (0.8 MB). Last updated 13 Nov 2017