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16 / November / 2023
The Advantages of Engaging an Interior Designer

When embarking on the journey of building or renovating your home, the plethora of decisions and choices can be overwhelming. It's a complex dance between form and function, and one where the guidance of an interior designer can be invaluable. Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, known as the Design Duo, bring a wealth of experience to this process, emphasising the importance of professional design in achieving a harmonious and bespoke living space.

"We are very passionate about [interior design], as building or renovating can be a very stressful and costly exercise," shares Alisa. It's a sentiment many homeowners can relate to, as the stakes are high and the margins for error slim. This is where the expertise of a designer can steer a project towards success, ensuring that each decision contributes to a cohesive whole.

Getting to know the clients, understanding their specific needs, and envisioning the potential of each space are the foundational steps that Alisa and Lysandra take in each project. "We spend a lot of time researching products, like what’s new to the market so that we can offer our clients a point of difference," Lysandra adds. The attention to detail and the pursuit of unique elements set their work apart, creating homes that are not just tailored to the client's needs but are also at the forefront of design trends.

For instance, in their recent projects, the Design Duo has incorporated LYSAGHT ZENITH® range in the ENSEAM® profile on their roofing and cladding, a choice that reflects their commitment to both aesthetic and quality. "We selected this roofing product because we were drawn to its contemporary design," explains Alisa, highlighting the importance of product selection in achieving the desired outcome for a space.

The benefits of working with a designer become evident when you consider the challenge of making each room in your home function in harmony with the others. "It is so important to create a cohesive environment," Lysandra emphasises. From the overarching style down to the tactile feel of each material, a designer's strategic approach ensures that the flow of the home is seamless, enhancing both the usability and the enjoyment of each space.

Moreover, designers like the Design Duo help navigate budget constraints, ensuring that investments are made wisely. "It's our job to make sure you stick within budget," says Lysandra, a crucial aspect of any project that can often get lost amidst the excitement of choosing designs and materials.

The influence of thoughtful product selection is evident in the way materials like LYSAGHT ENSEAM® contribute to the overall aesthetic. As Alisa and Lysandra suggest, integrating such products is part of crafting that bespoke look—a signature of their design philosophy that balances modernity with timelessness.

The Design Duo's approach to interior design illustrates the manifold benefits of engaging a professional designer. With an eye for detail, a passion for quality, and a dedication to client needs, they exemplify how designers can transform a house into a home that's both a personal sanctuary and a showcase of exemplary design. For homeowners, investing in professional design expertise is not just a luxury but a strategic choice that elevates their living experience and the value of their property.