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13 / July / 2020
Lysaght has launched its latest new product - the CUSTOMFLOW™ cladding system. Initially only available in Victoria, the system combines Lysaght’s iconic CUSTOM ORB® corrugated cladding with the revolutionary new FORMFLOW® C90™ corrugated corner to provide architects, designers and building owners the ability to incorporate a continuous corrugated building envelope into their designs.

The CUSTOMFLOW™ solution delivers a refined finish to corrugated clad buildings, resulting in a structurally independent, ‘no gaps’ solution to the challenges of joining corrugated sheets at building corners, mansards, sills and other junctions. For those in the construction industry it’s a game changer. The product allows architects and building designers to rethink design and reimagine what’s possible by drawing inspiration from both the art of origami.

FORMFLOW® C90™ corners, a world-first, patented technology and process that was developed by Australian manufacturer FormFlow Pty Ltd, features a 90-degree angle corrugated corner section formed from a single corrugated sheet whilst maintaining the integrity of the metallic coating and painted surface of the COLORBOND® steel material.

The FORMFLOW® C90™ corners enable a smooth transition between corrugated sheet sections at building corners and other right-angled junctions, so there is no need for capping, flashing or complex corner design – just an interlocking join that’s much cleaner and distinctive, lapped precisely on site.

Aside from the obviously elegant good looks that the CUSTOMFLOW™ solution provides, with the continuous finish delivered by FORMFLOW® C90™ corners, a structure may not only be more energy efficient but may also assist in managing a number of situational & environmental factors, delivering potential ongoing maintenance benefits.

And whether the owner or developer chooses to build with the full LYSAGHT CUSTOMFLOW™ cladding solution or prefer to integrate FORMFLOW® C90™ cornered cladding into their own design approach, they’re able to choose from the full range of COLORBOND® steel finishes and colours, along with unpainted ZINCALUME® steel.

In addition to the functional and aesthetic benefits of the CUSTOMFLOW™ solution, the collaboration between Lysaght and FormFlow on the research and development – and now commercialisation of this exciting new product – is seen by both parties as a partnership that will well serve the broader construction industry.

FormFlow founder, Dr. Matt Dingle said the company was focused on developing solutions that solved social issues.

“Addressing and assisting in areas such as Australia’s housing affordability crisis and bushfire recovery efforts is a prime consideration for FormFlow,” Dingle said.

“Given Lysaght’s product range and technical expertise in the design and application of steel building products, they are a natural partner for FormFlow’s technology. The collaboration with Lysaght means we can scale our product and offer a great building material solution to Australians.”

These sentiments were echoed by Lysaght National Sales, Marketing & Innovation Manager, Matt Lloyde.

“Lysaght see FormFlow as a strong contributor to our ongoing leadership in bringing steel innovation and building system capability to the market, together with a value proposition which is aligned with the aesthetics, inspiration and performance of the COLORBOND® steel brand,” Lloyde said.

“The combination of the new FormFlow™ cornered cladding and our ever-popular CUSTOM ORB® corrugated profile is set to provide a contemporary, unique and cost-effective solution for roofing and walling applications. It delivers a brilliant combination of aesthetics and functionality.”

The LYSAGHT CUSTOMFLOW™ solution will be available in Victoria from July onwards with availability in other states to be rolled out in future.

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