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Genuine COLORBOND® Steel Gives True Peace of Mind

The advanced paint technology of genuine COLORBOND® steel provides a durable, baked-on paint finish which resists peeling, chipping and cracking, for long-life performance and good looks.

Other pre-painted steel products in the market may claim to be as good, but they aren’t warranted or supported by BlueScope and they haven’t undergone the extreme testing that COLORBOND® steel has to ensure it can handle Australian conditions.

Additionally, other pre-painted steel products don’t have the advanced paint technology of COLORBOND® steel and may not deliver a perfect match with items like gutters and fascias or provide the same confidence in their appearance and performance over time.

Look For the Brand

It’s Your Home – Make Sure It’s The Right Steel

It’s your hard-earned money and your roof, so speak to your builder to ensure they only use roofing products made from genuine COLORBOND® steel. When you specify LYSAGHT® you’ll know you’re getting the genuine article by checking for the COLORBOND® steel branding on the product or its packaging.

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